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Alumni Fundraising Ideas

If you are fundraising online for your college, and/or alumni association, Piryx has compiled some great alumni fundraising ideas that are not only easy to do, but are proven to help raise more money online for your alumni fundraising needs!

Below are some great alumni fundraising ideas:

1. Set up a FREE Piryx account today

You can set up an alumni fundraising campaign very quickly and begin to raise money online in the same day with one or multiple alumni fundraisers.

2. Share your Alumni Fundraising link(s)

There's a very good chance that many of your friends, family, co-workers, and other contacts in your social network, along with those who have donated to your alumni association, are already using Facebook, Twitter, and at minimum have an email account

Once your alumni fundraising donation page is completed, and as a first step, you can simply share your message with a link to your fundraising page with your social network via email, facebook, and twitter, along with posting links or even your alumni fundraising web page on your website or blog as well.

3. Optimize your Alumni Fundraisers for Ultimate Success

Piryx offers a lot of free web and social media marketing tools, along with a very simple and easy to use analytics dashboard in order to help you make sense of rather complex information, so you can make better decisions for improving your alumni fundraising campaigns online, and manage all of your donors.

One size often does not fit all, and we are aware of that here at Piryx. By using the free tools we provide, you can gain more insight into conversion rates on your donation page(s) and alter your messaging, design, and more. You can make better decisions from the data provided in your dashboard, while understanding what is working well and what might need to be improved, and/or which of your donors give the most and who to contact more or less.

4. Allow your donors to Champion your cause

By sharing links with your donors for any one of your alumni fundraisers, you should encourage your donor base and other contacts to "share" your donation page links with their social network too. This will help you minimize your time allocated to fundraising, while allowing your social network to help fundraise on behalf of your charity.

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